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Raising Money For Charity – The Traditional Way

You have probably already heard about Charity Sweet Boxes or “Honesty Boxes” as  they have become known? You may have seen them in offices, shops, pubs and even doctors reception areas. They are a good idea in principle, but not in practice. The principle is you buy a packet of sweets by placing £1, £1.25 or is some cases as much as £1.50 in to the slot on the box. This is where the “honesty” part comes in or sadly in more cases than not doesn’t come in. As the boxes are open and often left in unattended areas the sweets are easy to pinch or it’s easy to put less money in than should be paid. This isn’t very “honest” and the charity suffers.

Raising Money For Charity – The Better Way

Tubz Jelly Bean Campaign TowerMighty Vending are just one a national network of vending operators using Tubz Vending Carousel Towers to help raise much needed funds for disadvantaged children in The UK. Tubz Vending Towers offer a much more secure option for raising money for charity than the traditional boxes and our deliciously tempting sweetie range is only £1 per tub.

Why Choose A Vending Tower

  • Installed FREE of charge
  • Secure. The Sweets can’t be taken without payment
  • Require 30cm / 12″ diameter of floorspace
  • No electricity required
  • No Contract, No Commitment

Choose the charity you wish to support, either The NSPCC / Childline or Starlight and then Contact Us both are great causes and we are proud to support them.